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φ83&131 Cartridge Filter


MS® 83&131 Cartridge Filter contains a series named ClearPure®. It is optimal filter for various applications where high flow rate is required in a small space. Comparing with conventional cartridge filters, ClearPure® realizes 4 times higher flow rate. Due to the higher flow rate, this filter helps to reduce both initial costs and running costs. It is specially designed for high flow rate, aqueous applications required on 7G and 8G liquid crystal display (LCD) processes. ClearPure® filters are available in some filter media types; polypropylene, highly asymmetric hydrophilic polysulfone, and PTFE, providing a choice of removal ratings from 0.1µm to 70µm.

φ83&131 cartridge filter

φ83&131 Cartridge Filter Features

  • With high flow rate and long product life, it contributes to better cost performance
  • Workability of change-outs is improved due to the reduction of filter quantity
  • Wide variety of configurations available to meet large format flat panel display application
  • It  is available  in a variety of  filter  media  to  meet  industry  standards  and  chemical compatibility
  • Cartridge is 100% thermally welded
  • A controlled environment under clean room condition
  • Enlarge filter area

φ83&131 Cartridge Filter Typical Applications

PTFE Membrane media

  • Concentrated acids and bases
  • Etchants
  • Rinses and solvents
  • Photo resists
  • Bulk chemicals
  • Solvent filtration

PES Membrane media

  • Drugs and biological
  • Final filtration of pure water for dialysis
  • Tissue culture media
  • Beverage industry
  • Final filtration of water for injection

Polypropylene media

  • Reagent grade chemicals
  • Metal etching solutions
  • Electroplating solutions
  • Solvent filtration
  • Rigid disc coatings

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