13mm Syringe Filter

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13mm syringe filter 13mm syringe filter


MS® 13mm diameter syringe filters are available in two types of housing: ultrasonic welding and color coding. Ultrasonic welding housing is in transparent medical-grade PP material and facillitates the filtration observation. Color coding housing visualizes the membrane type inside for easier operation. Wide range of membrane options are offered. And all of them are produced with high quality and cost-effectiveness in 100000 clean room under strict QC and QA procedures.


  • Application compatibility: Broad range of filtration media meets diverse application needs.
  • Minimum sample hold-up: Syringe Filters’ housings are specifically designed to maximize sample recovery
  • Convenience: Each unit is clearly marked with an identifying code to denote pore size, membrane material
  • Sterility: Filters can be purchased presterilized by Gamma radiation and individually packaged


  • HPLC sample preparation
  • Routine QC analysis
  • Content uniformity
  • Removal of protein precipitates
  • Dissolution testing
  • Food analysis
  • Biofuel analysis
  • Environmental samples


Diameter 13mm
Color Code NO YES
Pre-filtration PP(1.0μm) GF* GF*
Process Ultrasonic welding Over molding
Large effective Filtration Area 1.09 cm2 0.92 cm2
Housing Material Medical Grade PP
Pore Size 0.22μm, 0.45μm & more
Holdup Volume <25μl
Sample Volume <10ml
Inlet Connection Female Luer Lock
Outlet Connection Male luer slip
Flow Direction Enter from INLET
Maximum Operating Temperature 130°C
Maximum Operating Pressure 6 bar
Sterilization Option Gamma Radiation

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