4mm Syringe Filter

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4mm Syringe Filter Introduction

MS®4mm diameter syringe filter is specially designed for less-than-1ml sample filtration and features extra low hold-up volume (<10μl) to ensure maximal sample recovery. It consists of housing and membrane component. Housing is made of medical grade PP raw material. Membrane is available in Nylon, PTFE, PVDF and so on. Pure raw material eliminates extractables to ensure excellent results.
By mature manufacturing skills, 4mm diameter syringe filters are produced with high quality and cost-effectiveness in 100000 clean room under strict QC and QA procedures. All of them are ISO9000 and HPLC certified.

4mm Syringe Filter PDF


  • Mini size 4mm diameter
  • Sample volume up to 1ml
  • Extra low hold-up volume < 10μl
  • Medical PP housing raw material
  • Gamma radiation sterilization option
  • Individual packaging option


  • HPLC samples containing low solid content
  • CE (Capillary Electrophoresis) samples
  • Sterile filtration of low volume samples
  • UV/Vis samples
  • Refractometry


Diameter 4mm
Materials of Construction Housing: Polypropylene
Filtration Media: As specified
Holdup Volume (μl) <5
Filtration Area 0.125 cm2
Maximum Pressure 87psi(0.06Mpa)
Sample Volume (ml) <1
Connections Inlet: Female Luer Lock (FLL)
Outlet: Male Slip Luer (MSL)
Flow Direction Flow from inlet to outlet (FLL to MSL)

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