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MS®Bio-lottTM Blotting membrane or Transferring Membrane is used widely in biotechnology, such as protein transfers, western transfers, protein dot or slot blots, traditional DNA and RNA transfers, nucleic acid detection, northern and southern. 
Membrane Solutions affords PVDF blotting membrane, Nitrocellulose blotting membrane.  We customize blotting membrane, like the shape, the size, the contents, the package for different use as per your requirements.

Guide to Select Blotting membrane 

  NC Blotting Membrane PVDF Blotting Membrane
Composition 100% Pure Nitrocellulose Polyvinylidene Fluoride
Description One of the most widely used membranes in analytical and research applications. Minimize amounts of wetting agent and have a lower water extractable content. PVDF membrane has high protein adsorption, so proteins won’t be lost during transfer or re-probing. 
Open pore structure makes accessing bound proteins and removing unbound probes easily. Membranes optimized for fluorescent blots dramatically increase signal for high sensitivity in quantitative, multiplexing applications.
Applications Nucleic acid and protein transfers. Suitable for Western and Southern blotting. Western blotting, binding assays, amino acid analysis, N-terminal protein sequencing, dot/slot blotting, glycoprotein visualization, lipopolysaccharide analysis
Detection Methods Chromogenic, Radioactive, Fluorescent Direct Stain, Enzyme-antibody Conjugates, Chromogenic, Chemiluminescent
Typical protein binding capacity   125ug/cm2
Compatible stains Amido black, India ink, Ponceau-S red,Colloidal gold, CPTS Coomassie brilliant blue, Amido black, India ink, Ponceau-S red, Colloidal gold, CPTS, Toluidine blue, Transillumination, Sypro’s ruby
Works best for Colony/Plaque Lifts Protein Transfers
Suitable  for Nucleic Acid and Protein Nucleic Acid
Advantages Excellent strength Chemical resistance
No support fabric No discoloration
No detergents added Nonflammable
100% pure nitrocellulose High strength
Binding Interaction Hydrophobic & Electrostatic Hydrophobic
Method of Immobilization UV Crosslink Baking (Vacuum Oven) Electroblott

 Ordering Information

Item # Description Pcs per box Online Price(USD$)
NC Blotting Membrane
  MSNC02030301 Pore: 0.22μm, Filter Size: 300*3000mm 1 Ask for quote
  MSNC04530301 Pore: 0.45μm, Filter Size: 300*3000mm 1 Ask for quote
PVDF Blotting Membrane
MSPVDF02030301 Pore: 0.22μm, Filter Size: 300*3000mm 1 Ask for quote
 MSPVDF04530301 Pore: 0.45μm, Filter Size: 300*3000mm 1 Ask for quote

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