Bio-lott Nylon Neutral Transfer Membrane

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MS® Bio-lottTM Nylon Positive Charged Transfer Membrane has very high positive charge. MS® Bio-lott Nylon Positive Charged Transfer Membrane shows a very uniform pore size and pore distribution compared to typical nylon membranes, which lead to greater reproducibility of results across a membrane and from blot to blot.

Highest binding capacity is available. Can be used in Southern, Northern and Western blotting, suitable for Semi-dry blotting, tank blotting, vacuum blotting, capillary blotting and alkaline method. Binding capacity of transfer nylon charged membrane reaches 600 ug/cm2. UV-crosslinking, DNA, RNA can be used for immobilization. Chemiluminescent and isotopic methods can be used for detection.

Neutral Transfer Membrane


  • Hydrophilic supported membrane
  • High tensile strength and Chemical compatibility
  • High binding capacity


  • Northern blotting
  • Southern blotting
  • Protein & immunoblotting

Technical Specification

Pore  Size 0.22μm 0.45μm
Bubble Point 50psi(3.51kg/cm2) 30psi(2.11kg/cm2)
Flow  Rate 9.9mls/min/cm2(0.70kg/cm2)@10psi 27mls/min/cm2(1.89kg/cm2)@10psi
Thickness 65-125μm
Extractable < 0.2%(<0.0015mg/cm2)
BSA Binding Capacity 350μg/cm2
Maximum Operating Temperature 180℃

Order Information

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Transfer membrane Nylon 0.22um, Roll 300*3000mm
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Transfer membrane Nylon 0.45um, Roll 300*3000mm
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