Bio-llot Nylon Highly Positively Charged Membrane

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MS® Bio-lott Nylon Positive Charged Transfer Membrane has very high positive charge. MS® Bio-lott Nylon Positive Charged Transfer Membrane shows a very uniform pore size and pore distribution compared to typical nylon membranes, which lead to greater reproducibility of results across a membrane and from blot to blot.

Highest binding capacity is available. Can be used in Southern, Northern and Western blotting, suitable for Semi-dry blotting, tank blotting, vacuum blotting, capillary blotting and alkaline method. Binding capacity of transfer nylon charged membrane reaches 600 ug/cm2. UV-crosslinking, DNA, RNA can be used for immobilization. Chemiluminescent and isotopic methods can be used for detection.

 Nylon Highly Positively


  • Inherently charged nylon membrane
  • High tensile strength and Chemical compatibility
  • High binding capacity


  • Northern blotting
  • Southern blotting
  • DNA fingerprinting

Technical Specification

Pore  Size 0.22μm 0.45μm
Bubble Point 50psi(3.51kg/cm2) 30psi(2.11kg/cm2)
Flow  Rate 9.9mls/min/cm2(0.70kg/cm2)@10psi 27mls/min/cm2(1.89kg/cm2)@10psi
Thickness 65-125μm
Extractable < 0.2%(<0.0015mg/cm2)
BSA Binding Capacity 350μg/cm2
Maximum Operating Temperature 180℃

Order Information

Item Number Description Filter Size Online Price(USD$)
MSNYP04530301 Transfer membrane Nylon positively charged 0,45 µm Roll300x3000mm Ask for quote
MSNY02030301 Transfer membrane Nylon 0,20 µm Roll300x3000mm Ask for quote
MSNY04530301 Transfer membrane Nylon 0,45 µm Roll300x3000mm Ask for quote

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