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As we know that membrane technology becomes more important in water management markets, especially the Membrane Bio-reactors (MBRs) solutions play an irreplaceable role in complex waste water treatment. MS employ self-produced reinforced PVDF membrane for submerged hollow fiber membrane elements, as well PVDF and PTFE membrane for all of flat sheet membrane elements and achieve the membrane modules excellent properties as following:

  • High water permeability and high treated quality 
  • High fouling resistance 
  • Physical strength and chemical stability
  • Longevity and Significantly

MS leading manufacture the MBR modules, providing Submerged Hollow Fiber membrane modules with Reinforced PVDF material for hollow fiber MBR system, PVDF and PTFE flat sheet membrane modules for flat sheet MBR system.

     Reinforced PVDF hollow fiber element                    PVDF flat sheet membrane element                       PTFE flat sheet membrane element

The best modified membrane material, precision welding technology, lower assembly costs and included special designed air block, MS MBR modules become famous in the water treatment market with the high quality and best price.

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Submerged PVDF Submerged Hollow Fiber MBR Module
Submerged PVDF Flat Sheet MBR Module
Submerged PTFE Flat Sheet MBR Module
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