MS® Nitrocellulose Membrane

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The major features of the Nitrocellulose membranes available from Membrane Solutions are:

  • High Protein binding capacity

MS NC membranes have a high protein binding capacity making your test devices more sensitive and accurate.

  • Consistent Capillary Rate and Thickness

MS NC membranes are treated with surfactant through a proprietary process. Consistent capillary rate and membranes thickness will render more optimal results in your test devices.

  • Excellent surface quality

MS NC membranes are manufactured by phase inversion process controlled by sophisticated equipment. The membranes have no virtually unincorporated dust or powder resulting in an excellent surface quality increase the clarity of the test results.

  • Strong tensile strength

MS NC membranes are flexible and have sufficient tensile strength. The Strong tensile strength enables membranes to stand repeated handling during the manufacture of the test devices.

 Nitrocellulose Membrane

Order Information

Nitrocellulose membrane without substrate
  Type MS100LF MS120F MS140F MS180F MS240F MS065WB MS045WB

Capillary rates

100±40 120±40 140±40 180±40 240±40 N/A N/A
Pore Size 10μm 8μm 5μm 3μm 0.65μm 0.45μm
Applications Drug of Abuse, HCG, LH Infectious Disease For Western blotting flow through test devices
For lateral flow test device
Thickness 145μm±20

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