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SFPES004022NPES Syringe Filter, Pore Size:0.22μm, Diameter:4mm200(pcs)149.00»Add to Cart
SFPES004045NPES Syringe Filter, Pore Size:0.45μm, Diameter:4mm200(pcs)149.00»Add to Cart
SFPES013010NPES Syringe Filter, Pore Size:0.1μm, Diameter:13mm100(pcs)60.00»Add to Cart
SFPES013022NPES Syringe Filter, Pore Size:0.22μm, Diameter:13mm100(pcs)60.00»Add to Cart
SFPES013022NGPES Syringe Filter, Pore Size:0.22μm, Diameter:13mm100(pcs)65.00»Add to Cart
SFPES013045NPES Syringe Filter, Pore Size:0.45μm, Diameter:13mm100(pcs)60.00»Add to Cart
SFPES013045NGPES Syringe Filter, Pore Size:0.45μm, Diameter:13mm100(pcs)65.00»Add to Cart
SFPES025010NPES Syringe Filter, Pore Size:0.1μm, Diameter:25mm100(pcs)65.00»Add to Cart
SFPES025022NPES Syringe Filter, Pore Size:0.22μm, Diameter:25mm100(pcs)65.00»Add to Cart
SFPES025022NGPES Syringe Filter, Pore Size:0.22μm, Diameter:25mm100(pcs)78.00»Add to Cart
SFPES025045NPES Syringe Filter, Pore Size:0.45μm, Diameter:25mm100(pcs)65.00»Add to Cart
SFPES025045NGPES Syringe Filter, Pore Size:0.45μm, Diameter:25mm100(pcs)78.00»Add to Cart
SFPES030022NPES Syringe Filter, Pore Size:0.22μm, Diameter:30mm100(pcs)78.00»Add to Cart
SFPES030045NPES Syringe Filter, Pore Size:0.45μm, Diameter:30mm100(pcs)78.00»Add to Cart
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