MS®​ PVDF Hollow Fiber UF Integrated Equipment

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MS®​ PVDF hollow fiber UF membrane can effectively removal suspended solids and collide and microorganisms such as pathogens and receive low turbidity product water which have been becoming to a kind of very economical-efficient process in various types of water treatment such as industry and pure water filed.

Hollow fiber UF integrated equipment is a independent and mobile filter product which is suitable for dispersal water treatment and all the processes can be professional designed according to the water quality and sewage treatment capacity meeting various needs of custom.

Membrane Solutions provides custom PVDF hollow fiber UF integrated equipment which the UF module is independent researched and produced ourselves and the molecular cut-off is 100000 Dalton.The pre-treat process is designed according to the water quality and degree of treatment. MS PVDF hollow fiber UF integrated equipment can produce water 2.16t/㎡/day in the pure water filed and industrial-used water.

PVDF Hollow Fiber UF Integrated Equipment

Features and Advantages

  • Compact structure、small footprint、simple install and operation
  • Mobile and integrated for dispersal water treatment
  • Professional design and assemble for various types of waste water
  • Simple assemble and maintenance and low power
  • All the products are produced ourselves and make sure filter effect

 Key Application

  • Pure water field,such as drinking water and industrial-use water
  • Surface water and Desalination
  • Sewage water treatment and reuse,including low concentration domestic water and part of industrial waste water

Pre-filter process

  • Excellent MF product:Activated carbon /string around/melt-blown/PP pleated cartridge filter and large flow cartridge filter
  • Coagulation equipment for domestic sewage
  • Filter chamber and micron UF cartridge for surface water
  • Chemical reaction pond for industrial waste water

The common process procedure of MS PVDF UF integrated equipment




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