PVDF Hollow Fiber Ultra-Filtration Module

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 PVDF Hollow Fiber Membrane Ultrafiltration Membrane Module

Having the PVDF hollow fiber ultra-filtration membrane of excellent performance and professional team of design and assemble,Membrane Solutions provides custom the PVDF hollow ultra-filtration module which directly connected to the ultra-filtration system and meets the different needs of the custom. The capacity of PVDF hollow fiber ultra-Filtration module is from low to medium to high and design the number of the ultra-Filtration element according to the membrane area and the quantity of the waste water。

PVDF Hollow Fiber Ultra-Filtration Module

MS®​ PVDF hollow fiber ultra-filtration Membrane

  • High strength and low broken rate
  • Pollution resistance and excellent Chemical stability
  • High filtration precision and large flow

Material of removal

  • Molecular weight cut off >100000 Dalton
  • Particle matter within 0.03μm
  • Bacteria and virus
  • Heat source

Features and advantages

Professional design and assemble the size of the module is designed according to the needs of custom;

High filter precisionmost of the solid particle and collide and organic matter can be removed,make sure the quality of production water;

Low powerthe feed water pressure is 0.1-0.15Mpa;

Outside-to-inside flow typesuitable for high turbidity water treatment;

Large flowthe pure water flow of the MSFUF4040 is keeping at 150LPH/㎡ after running one month; 


MS® PVDF hollow fiber UF Element


Parameter Nnit FUF4040 FUF8060 FUF1060
L1 mm 1225 1870 1670
L2 mm 1020 1455 1595
D mm 90 200 250
Weight(dry) Kg 4.5 30 40
Membrane areas 8 65 80
Fitting Housing Seal ring Adapter Shell cover Washer Clamps Module plate Seal gum
material UPVC Rubber UPVC UPVC Rubber SUS304 UPVC Epoxy Resin

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