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MS®​ PVDF Hollow Fiber UF System


Membrane Solutions is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of membrane products such as MF/UF/RO,combining the excellent MF and UF membrane products,Membrane Solutions provides custom the completed hollow fiber UF system which can be used as an independent filter product and also can be used as a kind of process with other water treat process such as coagulation/ion-exchange resin/RO to meet the acquirement of custom in the water treatment.

PVDF Hollow Fiber UF System


Flow diagram of Membrane Solutions hollow fiber UF system


Features and Advantages

  • Lower footprintcompact structure and professional design
  • Simple install and operation
  • Long life timehigh strength PVDF UF membrane and excellent MF product
  • Low feed water pressure reduce power 
  • Large water flow:Product water is always keeping at 90LPH/㎡after running one month and the broken rate of fiber is almost zero



Feed Water Pressure 0.1Mpa
Backwash Pressure 0.15-0.2Mpa
Backwash Flow 220-300LPH
Wash Pressure 0.14-0.16Mpa
Wash Flow 220-300LPH
Wash Time 30s
Frequency of Wash 1-2h
Temperature <40℃
PH 2-11
Max Pressure 0.25Mpa

*Noted:  Feed water>100NTU, Effluent Water<0.5NTU; UF Module:MSFUF4040(0.03μm; MF Cartridge:Melt-blown Cartridge(20μm)

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