RPS Sintering Activated Carbon Filter

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MS sintering activated carbon filter designed to use high quality activated carbon particles and sintering technology producing at a high temperature. Both inside and outside of extruded activated carbon filter are wrapped by a layer of non-woven fabric, in order to ensure that the filter itself does not have carbon powder migration. The outermost layer of the filter is white plastic net; ensure it has the complete and neat appearance. Both ends of the filter equipped with rubber gasket which make the filter have good sealing.
Besides holding up particle impurities, getting rid of smells, sintering activated carbon filter can also reduce chlorine and chloramines, heavy metal in water effectively. This effect will improve the safety of drinking water.


  • High quality activated carbon particles and rigid sintering technology
  • Removing the fluorine, odor and organic matter effectively
  • High adsorption performance and long service life
  • No carbon powder and impurities migration


  • Pre-filtration of reverse osmosis and drinking water
  • Electroplating water treatment
  • Food and drinking water treatment
  • Some other industrial water treatment
  • Household water purifier and business direct water dispenser


Items Sintering Activated Carbon Filter
Filter Medium Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
Outside Diameter 64mm, 68mm, 114mm
Inside Diameter 28mm, 30mm
Length 9.75”, 9.87”, 10” ,20”
Connect Type DOE
End caps Medium Polypropylene
Seal Material Silicone/EPDM
Net Medium Polypropylene
Removal Ratings 0.5μm, 1μm, 5μm
Maximum Differential Pressure 7.0Bar
Maximum Operation Temperature 52℃
Methylene Blue Adsorption >120 mg/g
Residual Chlorine Removal Rate >98%
Iodine Adsorption Rate >1000mg/g
COD Removal Rate >58%

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