MS® Special Filter Paper

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MS® Filter paper MS® Special paper


MS® Special Paper applied of unique paper-making method of modern technology and advanced equipment. The paper is precision-made from recycled paper that is of high purity and homogeneous, while it also has a certain filtration speed and must filter strength cotton paper. Chemical analysis filter-paper(qualitative filter-paper, quantitative filter-paper) use high-quality cotton as raw material.

Special Paper Supplies Size
Quantitative Filter Paper 12.7cm~450cm, 600x600 also available
Qualitative Filter Paper 12.7cm~450cm, 600x600 also available
PH Indicator Paper 1.0~14.0, 0.5~5.0, 3.8~5.4. 5.4~7.0, 5.5~9.0, 6.4~8.0, 8.2~10


Scientific research for qualitative and quantitative analysis
Environmental protection test
Medicine & Hygiene
Relevant filter separation


Accurate quality restriction and equipment flexible manufacture system
Soft, supple, long-fiber specialty papers
High purity hardened filters
Certain filtration speed

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