MS UF+RO Package System

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Membrane system technology has a more and more important percent in water management market, especially the “UF+RO” Integrated Membrane System (IMS) widely apply in industrial water treatment, seawater desalination, boiler feed water, medicine industry, drinking water plants,, etc. MS “UF+RO” package system design with compacted construction and smaller footprint,  and concentrate design for circulation reuse to save water, lower chemicals consumption to reduce recontamination, and PLC system for easier and continuous operation to extremely improve the running efficiency.

Typical Models

System Model DMS-10 DMS-20 DMS-35
System Capacity 10T/h 20T/h 35T/h
RO Permeate  10T/h 20T/h 35T/h
RO Concentrate 5T/h 7T/h 12T/h
UF Permeate  16T/h 30T/h 50T/h
UF Feed   18T/h 33T/h 55T/h
RO High Pressure Pump
Motor Type CDL16-12 CDL32-100-2 CDL65-60-2
Installed Power 11kw 18.5kw 30kw
Design Flow Rate 15m3/h 27m3/h 48m3/h
Design boost Pressure 145m 148m 138m
RO Booster Pump
Motor Type CDL16-3 CDL32-30-2 CDL65-20-2
Installed power 3kw 5.5kw 7.5kw
Design flow rate 15m3/h 27m3/h 48m3/h
Design boost pressure 35m 38m 34m
UF CIP/Backwash Pump
Motor Type ZS65-50-125/4 ZS80-65-125/7.5 ZS100-80-160/11.0
Installed Power 4kw 7.5kw 11kw
Design Flow Rate 32m3/h 60m3/h 100m3/h
Design Boost Pressure 22m 23m 21m
UF/RO Module
UF Membrane Qty 8040/8pcs  8040/16pcs  8040/28pcs
RO Membranes Qty 12pcs 24pcs 40pcs
RO Membranes Housing Style 8040-3W/4pcs, FRP, 300psi 8040-4W/6pcs, FRP, 300psi 8040-4W/10pcs, FRP, 300psi
RO Cartridge Filter
Housing Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Housing D×H(mm) 350*1660 400*1680 550*1960
Cartridge Filter Pore Size PP Melt-Blown, 5μm PP Melt-Blown, 5μm PP Melt-Blown, 5μm
Cartridge Filter Qty 40inch×15pcs 40inch ×20pcs 40inch ×35pcs
Permeate Tank
Size 10m3 20m3 40m3
Style Cylinder  Cylinder  Cylinder/square 
Skid Size
Membrane Skid  UF:3800*1400*2200 UF:4200*1450*2250 UF:5300*1600*2300
L×W× H(mm) RO:3800*1100*2200 RO:4900*1500*2100 RO:4900*1650*2350
Pump L × W × H(mm) BW:570*330*365  BW:690*370*413 BW:830*420*476 
BS=Booster Pump BS:300*247*797  BS:320*298*1035  BS:365*330*1034 
BW=Backwash Pump HP:300*247*1465  HP:320*298*1790 HP:365*330*1734 
HP=High Pressure Pump       
Tank D×H(mm) Φ2240*2800 Φ2730*3600 Φ3400*4600


  • Power Plants

Process: Ground Water →Pre-filtration + UF + RO + EDI/Mixed Bed
UF Option: PVDF / PES UF Module
RO Option: BWRO/FRRO Series

  • Drinking Water (Bottled Water)

Process: Sweet Water→Pre-filtration+ UF + RO + UV
UF Option: PVDF/PES UF Module
RO Option: ULRO/LPRO Series

  • Seawater Desalination Plants

Process: Seawater→Pre-filtration+ UF + RO 
UF Option: PVDF Module
RO Option: SWRO Series

  • Reclaimed Water Reuse

Process: Reclaimed Water→Prefilter +UF + RO (+EDI)
UF Option: PVDF UF Module
RO Option: SWRO/BWRO/FRRO Series

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