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 MS® UF Drinking Water Systems

Membrane Solutions provides residential and central ultra-filtration drinking water systems, such as basic types of kitchen UF drinking systems, grand serial of box-type UF drinking systems, Central UF Drinking Systems depending on local water quality or your different choice.

The UF purifier systems remove above 99% of particles, bacterial, endotoxin, free chlorine in water, but leave with mineral ions for human health and the production water meeting the drinking water standard is safe and healthy for thousands of families.




  • Self -design for layout of Box-type UF drinking water systems
  • Wide selection of colors, sizes, and different types of drinking water systems
  • Optional choice of Separated Filter, Quick-Connect Filter
  • Self-produced UF membrane for lower cost
  • Simply install, replacement and repair the filters
  • More safe, and more healthier for your needs
  • Economical and environment protection without energy consumption
  • Quality products, best price, best service 


  • Potable water
  • Tea making
  • Make drinks and coffee
  • Cooking 
  • Ice making
  • Wash fruit and vegetables
  • Wash face for skin protection

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