MS Ultrafiltration Package System

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MS Ultrafiltration(UF) systems are made of hollow fiber membranes based on its PVDF/PES polymer manufacturing capacity, it features a unique design allowing it to save your footprint and maintenance costs. Multiple models are available to suit different industries and production capacity.

Why Choose MS UF System? 

  • Designed by professional personnel with rich experience in water treatment field
  • Flexible in units specification, which can be customized according to requirement
  •  With own hollow fiber membrane casting, more stable quality and better cost control
  • Easy transportation, quick installation and easy operation
  • In time technical support

System Features

  • Compact design for small footprint, less instruments, simple piping & installation
  • Reduces water & energy usage
  • Be adjustable, so that they can be assembled in either axial or radial configuration or a combination of both
  • Tangential flow along the membrane surface limits membrane fouling
  • Minimal pretreatment & chemicals consumption
  • Automated design for easier operation 
  • System capacity: 1-info(up to request) T/h; Permeate quality: SDI<3, Turbidity<0.1NTU

Typical Models

UF Skid Model SUFF-02 SUFF-12 SUFF-30 SUFF-50
System Production  2T/h 12T/h 30T/h 50T/h
Module Type UFF003B4008 UFF003B4022 UFF003B6060 UFF003B6075
UF Membrane 0.03μm, PVDF hollow fiber Ultrafiltration membrane
Module Number 5pcs 12pcs 10pcs 12pcs
Connector DN25 DN40 DN40 DN40
Feed/Outlet pipe OD DN25/DN25 DN50/DN50 DN80/DN80 DN100/DN100
Drain Pipe OD DN25 DN65 DN100 DN150
Feed Pump CHL2-40
Q=2.2m3/h, H=28m 
P=550w, 380V
3 phase, 50Hz
Q=12m3/h, H=28m 
P=1.8kw, 380V
3 phase, 50Hz
Q=33m3/h, H=33m 
P=5.5kw, 380V
3 phase, 50Hz
Q=55m3/h, H=31m
P=7.5kw, 380V
3 phase, 50Hz
Cartridge Filter 50μm 50μm 50μm 50μm
UF Water Tank 2m³ 12m³ 30m³ 50m³
Backwash Pump

Q=4m3/h, H=22m
P=750w, 380V
3 phase, 50Hz

Q=24m3/h, H=18m
P=2.2kw, 380V
3 phase, 50Hz

Q=60m3/h, H=23m 
P=7.5kw, 380V
3 phase, 50Hz

Q=100m3/h, H=21m
P=11kw, 380V
3 phase, 50Hz

Backwash Pressure 0.1MPa 0.1MPa 0.1MPa 0.1MPa
Air Flush 8Nm3/h 32Nm3/h 60Nm3/h 80Nm3/h
CIP System Cartridge Filter 50μm 50μm 50μm 50μm
Dosing Tank 200L 500L 1500L 2500L
Circulation Pump CHL2-40 CHL12-30 CDL(F)32-30-2 CDLF65-20-2
CIP Pressure 0.1MPa 0.1MPa 0.1MPa 0.1MPa
CEB System Dosing Tank N/A 100L 150L 200L
Pump  N/A GB0350 GB1000 GB1500
System Operating Parameter Design Temp 20-25℃ 20-25℃ 20-25℃ 20-25℃
Operating Temp 5-45℃ 5-45℃ 5-45℃ 5-45℃
UF Design Recovery 90% 90% 90% 90%
PLC System PLC: XC2-32R-E, XinJie;
Touch Screen:  TG765-MT, 7inch, XinJie;
Electric Component: Delixi
PLC: XC2-64R-E, XinJie;
Touch Screen:  TG765-MT, 10inch, XinJie;
Electric Component: Delixi
PLC: S7-200CN, Siemens
Touch Screen:TPC1061TI, 10inch
Electric Component: Schneider
PLC: S7-200CN, Siemens;
Touch Screen:TPC1061TI, 10inch;
Electric Component: Schneider
Size(L*W*H) 800*1800*1650mm 1400*2800*2000mm 4200*1450*2200mm 4700*1500*2200mm

Applications Programs 

Project Cases Size(T/d) Operation Date
Tap Water Pilot Project in Cixi, Hangzhou, China 1,000 2014.4
Domestic Water Treatment in Feicheng, Shandong, China 2,400 2014.6
Municipal Water Treatment Program in Weifang, Shandong, China 3,000 2014.7
Municipal Waste Water Treatment, Korea 500 2016.07
Copper Power Waste Water Treatment, Japan 1,150 2016.12
Microelectronic Wastewater Treatment, Malaysia 200 2016.05
Industrial Recycle Water Treatment, Indonesia 50 2016.12
Tap Water Project, Malaysia 3,600 2016.12


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