Lab Ultrapure Water Systems

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Membrane Solutions Pinnacle ultrapure water systems——S series and V series are integrated systems which can produce ultrapure water (Type I) and pure water(Type II and Type III) directly from tap water with advanced monitoring technology. The high quality pure and ultrapure water is adaptable to a variety of needs. And our specialists are available to help you design the ultrapure water system best adapted to your needs.

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Pinnacle Series-V Ultrapure water system

Pinnacle Series-S Ultrapure water system


  • Pure Water—Type III
Autoclave Humidification
Glassware washing/rinsing  General lab equipment (water baths, incubators, etc)
Feed water for laboratory devices
  • Pure Water—Type II
Preparation of buffers Dilution of samples
Analysis of microorganisms Calibration of pH electrodes
Electrochemical experiments Feed water to bottle washers
Autoclaves and clinical analyzers
  • Ultrapure Water—Type I
High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) Gas chromatography (GC)
Ion Chromatography (IC) Inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy (ICP)
Mass spectroscopy (MS) Atomic absorption (AA)
Total organic carbon (TOC)  
Life Science
Genomics (ex.PCR, mutagenesis) Proteomics (ex. Crystallography, electrophoresis)
Immunology (ex. Monoclonal antibody production, blots) Pharmacology
Cell and tissue culture Drug discovery
Molecular biology Microbiology

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Pinnacle Series-S Ultrapure water system
Pinnacle Series-V Ultrapure water system

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