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MS UltraPure Water RO System--For Pharmaceutical Industry



Within the pharmaceutical industry, water is most commonly used in liquid form, not only as an ingredient in many formulations bot also as a cleaning agent. Production of Purified Water, Highly Purified Water, Pyrogen Free Water and WFI to international pharmaceutical standards is widely recognised as a critical process.
MS RO System (Skid) is based on the key technology of RO membrane, and combines with UF/MF, EDI/IX, Activated Carbon Filter and UV equipment to effectively remove organic matter, heat source, virus, TOC, salt ions of raw water. It’s applied to the production process of pharmaceutical industry in the world, and the production water is up to the pharmacopoeia standards of purified water in Europe and US.

Skid Features

  • Cost effective standard water system platforms
  • High efficiency, water saving designs
  • State of the art manufacturing designs for easier operation
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified facility
  • Compact design for small footprint, less instruments, simple piping & installation


  • Pharmaceutical preparation
  • Injection water
  • Medical consumables water
  • Hemodialysis
  • Laboratory water
  • Pharmaceutical solve
  • No pyrogen sterile water
  • Hospital drinking water

Pharmacopoeia Purified Water Standards in Europe & US 

MS is a leading provider of pharmaceutical water treatment systems and services. Each client has a unique set of requirements, like high volume or economical performance. MS UPW RO system help companies maintain profits by meeting water production requirements, as well as, controlling capital and operating expenses.

Pharmacopoeia Requirements for ‘Purified Water’
Properties Ph Eur USP
Conductivity <4.3μS/cm(20℃) <1.3μS/cm(25℃*)
TOC <500μg/LC** <500ppb
Bacteria (guideline) <100 CFU/ml <100 CFU/ml 
Nitrates <0.2 ppm -
Heavy metals <0.1 ppm -
Injection Water & Ultrapure Water - Pharmaceutical Standards
Properties Ph Eur USP
Conductivity <1.1μS/cm(20℃***) <1.3μS/cm(25℃*)
TOC <500μg/L C** <500ppb
Bacteria (guideline) <10 CFU/100ml <10 CFU/100ml 
Endotoxins <0.25 IU/ml <0.25 EU/ml
Nitrate <0.2 ppm -
Heavy metals <0.1 ppm -

Typical Models and Options

Design Type Hot Water Sanitization/ Chemical Sanitization
UPW-P9.5 UPW-P23 UPW-P38 UPW-P57 UPW-P76
Product Flow @ 25℃  (LPM/GPM) 9.5 / 2.5 6-23 Oct-38 57 / 15 76 / 20
Max Feed Flow (LPM/GPM) 8-30 53 / 14 76 / 20 117 / 31 144 / 38
Operating Temp 10-27℃ / 50-80℉ 
System Recovery 75%
Feed Pressure 40-80 psi / 2.6-6.5 bar 
 40” RO Module (2) 4” (4) 4” (3) 8” (4) 8” (4) 8”
Electrical Load (KW) 30 30 40 40 40
Dimensions 5380×2130×2410
L×D×H(mm/inch) (212×84×95)
Pretreatment √Multimedia Filter System    √NaOH Injection System
√Exchange Carbon          √Bisulfite Injection System
Process √10 Micron Prefilter         √0.1 Micron Final Filter
√Pretreatment UV Sterilizer   √ Final Sanitary UV Sterilizer
√Positive Charged Final Filter
Monitoring √TOC Monitor
√Hardness Monitor
√Chart Recorder
Piping Materials
Pre-Treatment PVC
Reverse Osmosis Unit 316L SS, Polypropylene IR
Electrodeionization 316L SS, Polypropylene IR
Feed Water 1” 1” 2” 2” 2”
Product Water TC 0.5” 0.75” 1” 1” 1.5”
Waste Water-Flange 2” 2” 3” 3” 3”
Compressed Air 3/8” NPT 90/140 psi (6-9 bar)
Electrical 460V/3-ph/60Hz

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