MS® Ultrafiltration Membrane

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Ultrafiltration membrane

Product Description

Ultrafiltration(UF) technology is an advantage membrane separation technology with physical filtering principle, and apply widely in municipal wastewater or other industries.
UF is a membrane separation process by drive pressure, it has the rejective ability with porosint material to separate insoluble or soluble substances from water. The filtration pore is general range of 0.01-0.1μm, and removes the most of particles, solids, colloid, rust, sediment, virus, bacteria and macromolecules, the smaller UF pore and the higher rejection rate. And the filtration process is at room temperature, no phase change and no re-pollution.

Ultrafiltration membrane

MS provides three kinds of material UF membrane, they are PVDF UF membrane, PES UF membrane and reinforced PVDF Ultrafiltration membrane. And the PVDF/PES UF membrane is made for hollow filber UF membrane, which has the features of smooth surface, easy cleaning, less fouling and energy saving.

Ultrafiltration membrane systems conserve energy with minimal operation and labour costs. The ability to retain high concentrates minimises disposal costs for a wide range of industries. In the bid to conserve water, using ultrafiltration membrane systems to recycle water can yield zero discharge capabilities. Initial setup cost is low and minimal pretreatment chemicals are required compared to conventional systems.


  • Wastewater treatment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage concentrate
  • Drinking water preparing
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Municipal water solutions
  • Municipal wastewater solutions
  • Chemical solutions
  • Sugar and starch concentrate
  • Bottled water
  • Water reuse

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