Absorbent Pad

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Product Description

Absorbent Pad consists of disks of filter paper or other material known to be of high quality and free of sulfites or other substances that could inhibit bacterial growth. MS®2.48-mm thick absorbent pads are made of cellulose. Wetted with liquid culture medium before a membrane filter is placed on them. They come pre-sterilized in INDIVIDUALLY PACKAD to assure sterility.


  • Pure cellulose pad will not inhibit any bacterial grow.
  • Available non-sterile or sterilized by gamma irradiation.
  • Individually packed for pre-sterilized.
  • Customized diameter is available.


  • Ideal for absorbing broth media to culture colonies.
  • Culturing microorganisms in water/wastewater testing.


Specifications Diameter Typical Thickness Sterilization
Cellulose 47mm 2.84mm Gamma irradiation

Order Information

Item# Description Pcs per box Online Price(US$) Order
MFAP025N Absorbent Pad, nonsterile,25mm,100/box Ask for Quotes
MFAP025NG Absorbent Pad, nonsterile,25mm,100/box Ask for Quotes
MFAP047N Absorbent Pad,nonsterile, 100/box Ask for Quotes
MFAP047S Absorbent Pad, sterile, individually packed 1000 208.80 Add to cart
MFAP015050D Absorbent Pad, 55x15mm,with absorbent pad, sterile,1000/cs 200 86.13 Add to cart

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