Anesthesia Air Filter

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Anesthesia Air Filter Description

Anesthesia Air Filters make with a modified acrylic housing material and filter medium. They are used for anesthesia and critical care applications. They are assembled into circuits to filter gases, as well as to protect both the equipment and the patient from cross contamination. Membrane Solutions affords all kinds of air filters including deferent types with best quality. OEM service is also available.

Anesthesia Air FilterAnesthesia Air Filter

Anesthesia Air Filter

Specifications and Features

  • The volume difference that test liquid and blank liquid consume potassium permanganate solution [C(KMnO4)=0.002Mol/L] is not more than 2.0ml
  • Filtered rate: to tank 0.5um insoluble particles should be greater than 90% filter rate.
  • Sealing: 0.08Mpa hydraulic, 15min should not percolation.
  • pH: inspection and blank liquid pH value of no more than 1.5.
  • Heavy metals, inspection of barium, chromium, copper, lead and tin content of total does not exceed 1ug/ml.
  • High performance anti-bacterial filtration
  • New housing material withstands higher operating pressures
  • Non-toxic, no heat source, no hemolysis, no stimulation


Anesthesia Air Filters are used for disposable anesthetic puncture bag.

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