Nesthesia Breathing Filters

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Anesthesia Breathing Filter Description

Anesthesia Breathing Filters (Artificial nose) make with a modified acrylic housing material and filter medium. They are used for anesthesia and critical care applications. They are assembled into circuits to filter gases, as well as to protect both the equipment and the patient from cross contamination.
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Breathing FilterBreathing Filter

Anesthesia Breathing Filter

Specifications and Features

  • Large pleated filter surface offers minimal pressure drop
  • ISO connector for universal fit
  • Higher gas permeability
  • Concentrator filter
  • Long life filter
  • Not be blocked up, small resistance
  • Transparent housing
  • Non-toxic, no heat source
  • Effective barrier with microbial / viral removal efficiency of 99.9%


Anesthesia Breathing Filter is a single-use disposable breathing filter used in anesthesia and critical care breathing circuits when it's very important to keep filtered and humidified air or other anesthetic gases inspired by the patient. It's used to keep a barrier between the patient and the breathing equipment when air or other anesthetic gas mixtures are delivered to the patient. The filter is normally connected at the "machine side", one filter on the inspiration side and another filter on the expiration side. Anesthesia Breathing Filter is available either bulk packed and non sterile or packed and sterile.

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