Anesthesia Drug Filter

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Anesthesia Drug Filter Description

Anesthesia drug filter is a highly efficient, single use, bacterial and viral removal filter. The next generation anesthesia drug filter is designed to withstand higher operating pressures and exposure to alcohols. With its advanced sealing technology and the proven drug compatibility of Super PES membrane, this filter delivers the increased level of patient safety and protection required in epidural anesthesia applications.
Membrane Solutions affords all kinds of anesthesia drug filters (Epidural Anesthesia Filters). All the anesthesia drug filters are sterilized by Gamma radiation or EO sterilization. OEM service is also available.

Anesthesia Drug FilterAnesthesia Drug Filter

Anesthesia Drug Filter


  • Liquid flow: more than 200ml / 10min at 45psi.
  • Membrane media: super PES membrane
  • Bubble point: > 46 psi
  • Sealing: 50-200kpa hydraulic, 15min should not percolation.
  • Housing Pressure Burst: > 115 psi.
  • Heavy metals, total does not exceed 1ug/ml.
  • Residual volume: 0.45ml
  • Sterilization Compatibility: Gamma and EO sterilization
  • It should be asepsis after sterilization


  • Easier connection and positioning with rotating male luer lock hub
  • Large membrane surface area
  • 100% bacterial retention
  • Free of natural rubber latex
  • New housing material withstands higher operating pressures
  • Non-toxic, no heat, no hemolysis, no stimulation
  • Pleated hydrophobic membrane
  • Validated microbial filtration efficiency
  • Removes ribavirin and pentamidine exhaust


Anesthesia drug filter is used for medical filtration and contamination control. Anesthetic and analgesic drug preparations may become contaminated during production and handling. Injection of these contaminated solutions may result in inflammatory reactions, infection, or other complications. Anesthesia drug filters help to prevent these adverse effects of epidural drug injection.

  • Epidural anesthesia
  • Intraocular injection
  • Radiopharmaceutical, allergenic extracts, or ophthalmic solutions, extemporaneous morphine,
  • Drug injections

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