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Bioprocessing - sterile filtration

Bioprocessing is a specific process that uses complete living cells or their components to obtain desired products, referring to the processing of upstream cell mass to meet purity and quality requirements. The microbial cells are separated by centrifugation or ultra-centrifugation, generally replaced by filtration. The solid-liquid is separated by centrifugation or filtration to filter out excess cell debris. To concentrate the broth, the metabolites of the cells are also precipitated and filtered for purification purpose.
Membrane Solutions syringe filters could make the research of bioprocess easier which not only can it help you quickly filter and process routine samples, but also achieve low buffer consumption, reduce equipment consumption, and significantly reduce downstream biological treatment costs.


Application Relative Products
Bioprocessing - sterile filtration
E.g. buffer, culture media, vaccine, protein,enzyme...  

Sterile syringe filter,

disposable vacuum filtration system,

50mm pressure driven filter top

142mm/293mm membrane filter disc

Venting for CO2 incubator, fermentation tank, cell factory... 13/25/50mm inline venting filter