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Chemical Mechanical Planarization(CMP) is a polishing technology used to manufacture semiconductor industrial wafers and is a technology in semiconductor device manufacturing process. It uses chemical corrosion and mechanical force to planarize silicon wafers or other substrate materials during machining. Chemical mechanical polishing solutions improve the process of creating multi-layer semiconductor circuits. Among them, the chemical polishing paste we generally called grinding liquid slurry. Due to chemical instability and processing steps, gels and agglomerates are generally formed slowly in the slurry. The large particles formed are transported to the surface of the wafer, which causes defects such as micro-scratches on the wafer surface, resulting in a significant loss of wafer yield. Therefore, it is very important for CMP filtration to remove the defects leading to large particles and agglomeration without affecting the polishing performance. Its conveying system is shown below:


CMP Slurry Conveying System:

CMP FIltration


Membrane Solutions can provide filter cartridge products specially designed for chemical mechanical polishing filtration. It can effectively remove agglomerated particles or colloids in various CMP slurry, while retaining effective abrasive particles and keeping the slurry particle size distribution unchanged.


The relevant site filters are recommended as follows:


Station Membrane Solutions Recommended Filter Cartridge Series
①Coarse Filtration MicroPure Classic Series PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge
AquaPure Series String Wound Filter Cartridge
Ø83/Ø130 PPC Series PP Pleated Filter Cartridge with High Flux and High Flow Rate for FPD Wet Process
②Fine Filtration CMPro-D Series High Precision PP Melt Blown Depth Filter Cartridge for CMP
CMPro-M Series PP Melt Blown Depth Filter Cartridge with High Flux for CMP
CMPro-P Series PP Depth Pleated Filter Cartridge for CMP
③Terminal Filtration PoliCap Terminal(POU) Compact Compact Capsule Filter for CMP

PoliCap-Plus Terminal(POU)Slurry Capsule Filter Capsule Filter for CMP Terminal


For detailed technical solutions and product series information, please contact your MS sales engineer.

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