Clarification & Prefiltration


Clarification & Prefiltration

Clarifying filters and prefilters are recommended for removing contaminants that would affect downstream product quality, or otherwise plug a membrane filter and reduce its effectiveness and service life. The economic advantage of extending a membrane filter's life is far greater than the cost of prefilters. Clarifying filters and prefilters are suited for applications where 100% retention of contaminants above a specified pore size is not required. A non-fiber releasing, membrane-like prefilter is recommended when using a clarifying or prefilter as a final filter. Fiber matrix clarifying filters and prefilters may occasionally unload retained contaminants into the filtrate if subjected to shock, such as that caused by a rapidly actuated valve.

Clarification & Prefiltration Filtration

Selection of a clarifying filter or prefilter is based upon the retention efficiency required for the filtration process at hand. Choosing the proper nominal pore size for a clarifying filter and/or prefilter will ensure the required dirt-holding capacity in your system. It will also extend the life of the final filter, and provide an economic advantage. In some cases, it is practical to use a moderately efficient clarifying filter followed by a more retentive prefilter. This will allow each filter in the train to be more fully expended, while removing as much incident contamination as possible.

Clarification filters remove contaminants from a fluid stream primarily by direct interception and sieving, where the unwanted particles are caught in or on the surface of the filter medium respectively. In addition, some liquid filters' removal capabilities can be achieved or enhanced by charge effects in which case they may retain undesirable species by adsorption.

Clarification & Prefiltration Filtration Process



MS Experience in Clarification & Prefiltration

Clarifying filters and prefilters are recommended for reducing particulate and microbial contaminants in pharmaceutical processing and protecting downstream membrane filters. Membrane Solutions can conduct filterability studies on your individual products to determine the best prefiltration solution for your process. Our pharmaceutical prefilters have been specifically designed to provide removal of particulate and microorganisms from liquids in critical pharmaceutical applications.

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Features-Benefits of MS® Cartridge Filters for Clarification & Prefiltration Filtration

  • Quality of chemical filters is guaranteed for MS has ISO 9001 Certification & CE Market
  • Certificate of FDA Registration
  • Global Supply Chain and Efficient Customer Service
  • Glass 100,000 clean Room
  • Quick Delivery 5-7 days guaranteed
  • OEM option, Private Labeling Service
  • Consistent QA and Stable Product Supply
  • supplying the industrial Clarification & Prefiltration manufactures with the best filtration solutions at the lowest cost
  • Reducing assembly costs and cleaning costs
  • Exceptional resistance to solvents and oxidative environments
  • Reducing the risk of lost production time due to simple procedures


Recommended MS® Products

Chemical Producer Chemical Producer Chemical Producer

MS® MicronPure Melt blown Cartridge Filter

MS® melt blown cartridge filter is one of the deep filtration products. Graded pore structure enhances dirt holding capacity, long service life and high contaminant removal efficiency.

MS® PolyPure Pleated Cartridge Filter

MS® PolyPure Cartridge Filter is constructed of micro polypropylene and ideally suited for removing agglomerated particles and gels. Deep, wide pleats for long service life and construction optimized for consistent performance under variation in flow.

MS® capsule filters

MS® capsule filters are designed for critical, small volume filter applications in the coatings, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and microelectronics markets. They contain pleated, absolute-rated, filter media providing excellent retention of particles at fast flow rates. The all polypropylene construction offers superior chemical resistance and durability in demanding process applications.

Chemical Producer Chemical Producer Chemical Producer

MS® SteriPure PES Pleated Cartridge Filter

MS® SteriPure PES Pleated Cartridge Filter is manufactured with advance hydrophilic, asymmetric polyethersulfone membranes. The PES membrane provides accurate particle cut-offs and is compatible with a broad range of chemicals.

MS®PolymidPure Nylon Cartridge Filter

MS® PolymidPure Nylon Cartridge Filter are highly retentive, the nylon membrane provides excellent wet-out characteristics and superior flow performance per surface area as compared to other membrane cartridges.

MS® FibermaxPure Glass Fiber Cartridge Filter

cartridges deliver high efficiency and consistent filtration of fluids in a wide range to critical applications.


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