Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane FiltersMS® FluorPure-SG PTFE Pleated Cartridge Filters


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a naturally hydrophobic, high molecular polymer obtained by polymerizing tetrafluoroethylene monomer. The perfluorinated structure of PTFE makes it temperature-resistant and compatible with a wide range of chemicals. It can be used under high-temperature conditions of up to 250 °C. The PTFE microporous membrane has a controllable pore size, low operating pressure, high flow rate, low leaching content, and ensures no substance falls off during use. 

Advantages of PTFE


Good temperature resistance: PTFE can be used under high temperature conditions with working temperatures of up to 250 ℃. It can also maintain good mechanical properties and performance even under low temperature conditions of up to -190 ℃.


Corrosion resistance: The perfluorinated structure of PTFE makes it compatible with a wide range of chemicals and resistant to strong acids, alkalis, and various organic solvents.


Long service life: PTFE material works well under changing environments and different operating conditions as well as offers reduced wear and tear, therefore securing long service life.


Non-stick: It has the least surface energy in solid materials and does not stick to anything.


Non-toxic: It is physiologically inert, and can be implanted as artificial blood vessels and organs without adverse reactions even after a long period of time.


Why choose MS FluorPure-SG

The MS FluorPure-SG uses a natural hydrophobic PTFE membrane, which is resistant to high temperature sterilization and is suitable for sterilization filtration of gas, air, organic chemical reagents, etc. Best configured to optimize high flow rate and high pollutant holding capacity, the FluorPure-SG presents extended service life and far superior performance compared with similar gas sterilization filter products. In addition, it is also designed to provide excellent sterility protection for high humidity gases and low surface tension liquids even after 150 times of moist heat sterilization at 121°C.


Reliable quality


MS FluorPure-SG PTFE pleated filter cartridges follow ISO 9001 quality standards from procurement of raw materials and their transportation, to production and storage. These filters are manufactured, tested, and packaged in a clean room to ensure product cleanliness. FluorPure-SG sterilizing-grade filter cartridges are 100% integrity-tested before leaving the factory, and can provide verification guidelines that meet regulatory requirements.



Lower cost and longer service life


FluorPure-SG pleated filter element adopts PTFE membrane with a longer service life compared with other materials. It also offers high porosity and high flow rate, effectively delaying clogging of the filter element. Thanks to its extended service life, the FluorPure-SG not only helps you reduce the overall cost of your filtration systems, but also lower your costs when it comes to purchasing replacements. See chart below comparing the service life of FluorPure-SG 0.22um with similar products.



High flow configuration design


FluorPure-SG provides excellent filtration performance and is designed with a higher flow configuration to ensure efficient operation of the filtration system. Check out its air flow and water flow rate-pressure drop curves below: