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MS® Box-Type RO Drinking System

MS ®Box-Type RO Drinking System, with 5 stages precision filtration process, uses advanced reverse osmosis technology and modular water purification process, which could be connected to municipal tap water directly. It can effectively remove impurities, microbes, bacteria, organics, heavy metals and other harmful substances to provide safe and healthy drinking water for you. 

MS® Box-Type RO Drinking System


Products Features

  • Grand box design, which is fashionable and generous
  • Optional choice of Separated filter, Quick-connect filter, Bayonet-connect filter
  • Optional choice of HD, HC, SI, NF and CP types of RO filters
  • LED/LCD screen display the operation status and automatic remind of filter replacement
  •  Automatic rinse to lengthen filters service life
  • Self-Produced membrane and filter for lower cost
  • High purified and safety water ensure family’s health
  • Korea of filter:Good sealing to prevent re-pollution and leakage
  • Customized RO membrane:Provide customized RO membrane based on local water quality


Products Applications

  • Potable water
  • Tea making
  •  Make drinks and coffee
  • Cooking 
  • Wash fruit and vegetables
  •  Wash face for skin protection

Products Information

Ordering Information

Category Filtration Type Product Standard Connector Type Water Productivity RO Type RPW grade
Residential PureWater system Reverse Osmosis B=Box-type

S=Separated Filter

Q=Quick-connect Filter

B=Bayonet-connect Filter

050=50 GPD
075=75 GPD
100=100 GPD
200=200 GPD
400=400 GPD

HD=High Desalination
HC=High Dirt Holding Capacity
SI =Remove Special Ions
CP=Customized Products

S=Standard type
G=Grand type 


Technical Requirement

Power Supply Microcomputer-Controlled System Inlet Water Requirement Pressure Filtration Stages
Barrel Size


Rated power:30w

LED/LCD Raw Water: Tap Water

3.2G storage tank for 50G/75G/100G serials

 No storage tank for 400G purifier serial

TDS:≤500 ppm
Working Pressure:0.1-0.4MPa
Working Temperature:5-40℃

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