MS® Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge

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Product Description

This activated carbon filter cartridge is designed to allow water to enter the bottom of the cartridge and filter through the entire carbon bed and exit at the top to maximize contact and thus adsorption time

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  • Reduce chlorine bad taste and odors
  • No release lf carbon fines
  • Low pressure drop


  • Water filtration
  • Food decoloration
  • Plating
  • Acid solution
  • Oil, ink, paint
  • Chemical medicament

Technical Specifications

Material Acid washed bituminous GAC & water washed coconut shell GAC
Inner diameter 28mm
Outer diameter 70mm, 115mm
Pore Size(μm) 1, 5, 10
Normal Length 10’’, 20’’
Maximum operation pressure difference 40PSID
Suggestive pressure difference changes at 100 PSI
Highest operation temperature 52℃

Order Information

Item# Description Pcs per box
CRAC020005 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter,Length:20(inch).Pore size:0.5(μm) 1
CRAC030005 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter, Length:30(inch).Pore size:0.5(μm) Ask for Quotes
CRAC040005 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter, Length: 40(inch), Pore size: 0.5(μm) Ask for Quotes
CRAC005010 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter,Length:5(inch), Pore size:1.0(μm) 1
CRAC010010 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter, Length:10(inch), Pore size:1.0(μm) 1
CRAC020010 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter,Length:20(inch).Pore size:1.0(μm) 1
CRAC030010 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter,Length:30(inch), Pore size:1.0(μm) 1
CRAC040010 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter, Length: 40(inch), Pore size: 1.0(μm) 1
CRAC005050 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter, Length:5(inch), Pore size:5.0(μm) 1
CRAC010050 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter, Length:10(inch), Pore size:5.0(μm) 1
CRAC020050 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter, Length:20(inch), Pore size:5.0(μm) 1
CRAC030050 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter, Length:30(inch), Pore size:5.0(μm) 1
CRAC040050 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter, Length: 40(inch), Pore size: 5.0(μm) 1
CRAC005100 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter,Length:5(inch).Pore size:10(μm) 1
CRAC010100 Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter,Length:10(inch).Pore size:10(μm) 1

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