Centrifuge tube(conical centrifuge tube)

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LBCT150N Centrifuge Tube 15.0ml,Conical,Graduated,Non-sterilized Request a Quote
LBCT150NA Centrifuge Tube 15.0ml,Conical,Graduated,Non-sterilized, Advanced Request a Quote
LBCT150S Centrifuge Tube 15.0ml, Conical, Graduated, Sterile Request a Quote
LBCT150SA Centrifuge Tube 15.0ml, Conical, Graduated, Sterile, Advanced Request a Quote
LBCT150SE Centrifuge Tube 15.0ml, Conical, Graduated, Sterile, Economic Request a Quote
LBCT500N Centrifuge Tube 50.0ml,Conical,Graduated,Non-sterilized Request a Quote
LBCT500NA Centrifuge Tube 50.0ml,Conical,Graduated,Non-sterilized, Advanced Request a Quote
LBCT500NR Centrifuge Tube 50ml Centrifuge Tube, round bottom Graduated Non-sterilized Request a Quote
LBCT500S Centrifuge Tube 50.0ml, Conical, Graduated, Sterile Request a Quote
LBCT500SA Centrifuge Tube 50.0ml, Conical, Graduated, Sterile, Advanced Request a Quote


MS® Centrifuge Tubes are made of high-clarity polypropylene with feature black printed graduations and a large white marking spot. Smooth, flat surface polyethylene caps for conical bottom tubes and plug seal caps for self-standing tubes are included.

Special selected high-clarity polypropylene assures the manufacture good transparency, chemical resistibility and obdurability. And the dual quality security system of ISO 9001:2000 quality management and 100,000 grade clean-room cleanness system insures the manufacture good quality. Furthermore, the universal design make the tubes are suitable for most brand of centrifuge. Additionally, either gamma irradiation sterilized or non- sterilized products are available in order to satisfy the different research requirements and enhance the practicability. All the features allow them be widely used in chemical and life science research.

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  • Available with two volume of 15 and 50mL.
  • Conical bottom and self-standing bottom.
  • Longer length screw caps with sealing ring prevent any leak and offer one-hand convenience
  • Easy-to-read black graduations are accurate to ±2%, 1mL increments (15mL) or 2.5mL increments (50mL)
  • Max.RCF:9,400 for conical bottom tubes; 6,000 for self-standing tubes.
  • With a large unerasable frosting white printed writing area provide easy and legible mark
  • Both the graduations and writing areas are chloroform-resistant
  • Autoclavable at 121℃ and freezable to -80℃.
  • Gamma radiation sterilized.
  • Leak-proof

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