Clear & White PP Housing

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Clear & White PP Housing Description

MS’s clear polypropylene filter housings are ideal for use in all industries where filtered liquids must remain totally free of contamination. These housings are especially essential in the semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries. They are constructed entirely of PP (polypropylene) and AS (acrylonitrile) plastic material that under the FDA standard of food grade without color, adders, fillers, reinforcements or lubricants.

In critical applications, these all natural housings insure pure, cost effective filtration of a variety of solvents, acids, alcohols and chemicals without leaching or bacterial build up.

Clear & White PP Housing

Typical Features

  • 100% polypropylene or acrylonitrile construction of bowl
  • Smooth contact surfaces to prevent bacteria and dirt buildup
  • Utilizes a non-lubricated silicone O-ring standard
  • Standard NPT connections


  • Laboratory instrumentation and equipment
  • Pharmaceutical/cosmetic solvents
  • Electronic solutions and chemicals
  • Post filter for reverse osmosis or ultra filtration


Spec Items

Reference Value

Maximum Operating Pressure


Maximum Operating Temperature

120ºF (50ºC)

Burst Pressure Test


Back Pressure Test

0-150 psi, 100000 times back to the circle

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