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MS®Commercial RO Purifier System


MS®Commercial RO Purifier System


  • System is modular design and small footprint
  • Productivity is from 200 to 800GPD meeting your special needs
  • Grand serial can demonstrate the operation by real time monitoring
  • Optional choice of HD, HC, SI, NF and CP types of RO filters
  • Automatic rinse to lengthen filters service life
  • Self-Produced membrane and filter for lower cost
  • Easy to install, replace and repair the filters
  • High purified and safety water ensure your healthy


Commercial RO water purifier is the best choice for followings:

  • Family and Villas
  • Company and offices
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Museums
  • Hospitals

Products Information

Ordering Information

Purifier Type Filtration Technical Productivity RO Type Type
Commercial Water Purifier RO Membrane Technical 400=400GPD

HD=High Desalination
HC=High Dirt Holding Capacity
SI=Remove Special Ions
CP=Customized Products

S=Standard Type
G=Grand Type


Technical Requirement

Power Requirement Microcomputer-Controlled System Raw Water Quality Pressure Filtration Stages
Barrel Size
Rated Voltage:110-220V
Rated Power: 40-80W
LED / LCD&Wifi Raw Water: Tap Water 11G /20G 5
TDS:≤500 ppm
Working Pressure:0.1-0.4MPa
Working Temperature:5-40℃

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