MS®FSF Submerged Hollow Fiber UF Membrane

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MS ® FSF membrane is made of high chemical-tolerant PVDF with high clean-ability, low chemical consumption, high recovery, and a superior combination of mechanical properties and chemical resistance.

MS ® FSF membrane is an innovative, cost-effective solution for wie-ranging applications such as MBR, municipal water and industrial water (electricity, steel, petrochemical and textile).

Curtain hollow fiber membrane module

Technical Datasheets

    MS-FSF-4010, Submerged Hollow Fiber UF Membrane

    MS-FSF-6015, Submerged Hollow Fiber UF Membrane

    MS-FSF-8020, Submerged Hollow Fiber UF Membrane


  • Modified PVDF for greater hydrophilicity, smoother, less fouling.
  • Higher porosity, larger flux, water quality stability.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • The membrane silk lining designed with high intensity.
  • Mechanically strong fibers enabling long module life
  • Simple structure, reasonable design, easy to tear open outfit.
  • Low operating pressure, energy saving.


  • Municipal sewage treatment and reuse
  • Building water reuse.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment and reuse.
  • The landfill waste water treatment.
  • MBR system for treatment of municipal/industrial wastewater.


Module Type MS-FSF-4010 MS-FSF-6015 MS-FSF-8020
Membrane Surface Areas (m²/ft²) 10/107.64 15/161.46 20/215.28
Membrane Material PVDF
Pore Size (μm) 0.1
ID/OD (mm) 0.9/2.2 (0.035/0.087)
Flow Path Negative Suction Pressure
Module Weight (kg/lb) 6/13.23 8/17.64 10/22.05

System Process


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