MS® Deep-well Multiwell Plate

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Deep-well Mutiwell PlatesDeep-well Mutiwell Plates


Deep-well Multiwell Plates are made of specially formulated high quality polypropylene. These square-well plates work as plates or reservoir. Deep well plates with round wells provided 1.6mL nominal capacity per well. Sealing film well plates provided 2.2mLnormal capacity per well and are ideal for large volume applications such as receptor binding assays. The cap mats are engineered to tightly seal a deep well plate and minimize moisture exchange. They are alphanumerically labeled to make sample identification easy.

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  • Available with1.6 and 2.2mL well volumes
  • Resistant to a wide variety of chemicals
  • Compatible with most robotic samplers and automated liquid handling systems
  • Wells are labeled in a standard alpha-numeric pattern to simplify sample identification
  • Designed notched corners to facilitate orientation
  • Be stackable for easy storage
  • Can be used with flexible mat covers or to reduce sample evaporation and contamination
  • Adhesive sealing films are also available .


  • Sterile filtering protein solution
  • Tissue culture media filtration
  • Tissue culture additive filtration

Technical Parameter

Parameters 13mm 25mm 33mm
 Membrane material PES PES PES
 Housing material PP PES PP
 Filter diameter (mm) 13mm 25mm 33mm
 Filtration area (cm2 ) 0.65 3.90 4.60
 Pore Size(μm) 0.22 0.45 0.22 0.45 0.22 0.45
Holdup volume (μl) <10 <30 <55
Sample volume (ml) <12 <100 <140
Maximum Operating Temperature 90°C 90°C 90°C
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) 50 95 120
Applicable pH value 1-14 1-14 1-14

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