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MS® RPS Disposable Melt-blown Cartridge Filter

  RPS Disposable Melt-blown Cartridge Filter 


MS production of discard melt-blown cartridge filter uses food-grade polypropylene melt-blown materials filled into a plastic housing as the main body, the overall filter installation within the water purifier. The o

uter cage of filter adopts South Korea imported food grade raw material, which make the appearance clean and bright, the inside  safety and health. 
The inside filters with gradient structure, which bonded by superfine fibers inside and cruder fibers at the surface without any binder. Unique design of three layer gradient aperture forms the three-dimensional filtering effect, and brings high porosity, high retention efficiency, high dirt holding capacity, and low pressure drop. 
The whole structure of polypropylene has a wide range of chemical compatibility which can filter out of the sediment, suspended solids, colloid, etc. Normal replacement cycle for this filter is 3 ~ 6 months.


  • High quality polypropylene filter material, effectively improve the water quality
  • One piece encapsulation molding
  • Outer cage thickness is 6 mm, the pressure is more than 2.0 MPa which prevents leaking
  • High dirt holding capacity and long service life


  • Household water purifier
  • Drinking water filtration
  • Business direct water dispenser
  • Water purification machine


Items Disposable Melt-blown Filter
Filter Medium Polypropylene
Outside Diameter 2”, 2.5”
Inlet/Outlet 1/4” FNPT
Length 8”, 9”, 11” ,13”
Outer cage Medium Polypropylene
Removal Ratings 1μm, 5μm
Maximum Differential Pressure 4.0Bar
Maximum Operation Temperature 50℃
Raw water pressure 1~4 Bar
Flow Rate 220L/h
Service Life 3-6 months


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