Disposable Precision Infusion Apparatus

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Product Description

Disposable Precision Infusion Apparatus is make with bottle stopper puncture outfit protective sleeve, bottle stopper puncture outfit, liquid channel, burette, drip pan, liquid medicine filter, flexible pipe, flow regulator, injection, outer taper connector and it’s protective sleeve. The outer taper connector can use with disposable intravenous infusion needle or disposable hypodermic needle for Infusion.
Membrane Solutions affords all kinds of disposable precision infusion apparatus including photophobic disposable precision infusion apparatus. All the disposable precision infusion apparatus are sterilized by EO or Gramma radiation. OEM service is also available.


  • The volume difference that test liquid and blank liquid consume potassium permanganate solution [C(KMnO4)=0.002Mol/L] is not more than 2.0ml
  • Filtered rate: to tank 5um insoluble particles should be greater than 90% filter rate.
  • Membrane material: PES or Nylon
  • Membrane pore sizes: 0.22,0.45,1.0,3.0,5.0um
  • PH: inspection and blank liquid pH value of no more than 1.5.
  • Heavy metals, inspection of barium, chromium, copper, lead and tin content of total does not exceed 1ug/ml.


  • High performance anti-bacterial filtration
  • Physical performance: the filtration rate of 5um atom in the liquid should be more than 90%
  • Flat filter design promotes greater patient comfort with its low profile
  • New housing material withstands higher operating pressures
  • Non-toxic, no heat source, no hemolysis, no stimulation
  • Other specifications accord with GB18458.1-2001


This product is used for infusion solution.

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