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MS® syringes are manufactured by medical-grade material, different size for different requirement. For your convenience, there are two types for your choice: luer slip syringes and luer lock syringes. The special design prevent plunger slipping out. It is suitable for many applications in chemical and biological research. You can choose our products according to your needs.

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  • By medical -grade material PP and PE
  • Packing in polybag
  • For single use only
  • Sterile by ETO gas
  • With or without needle
  • Specifications: 1cc, 2cc,3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 20cc, 30cc, 50cc


  • Suitable for both liquid samples and gas samples
  • Widely used in chemical and biological research

Order Information

Item# Description Pcs per box
LBSY001S Syringe, Luer Slip,Sterile,1ml,Individually packed,polybag,middle polybag 3400
LBSY002L Syringe, Luer Lock, Sterile,2ml,Individually packed,polybag,middle polybag 2400
LBSY002S Syringe, Luer Slip,Sterile,2ml,Individually packed,polybag,middle polybag 2400
LBSY002 Syringe, Sterile,2ml,Individually packed,blister,middle box,no rubber 2000
LBSY003L Syringe, Luer Lock,sterile, 3ml,Individually packed,polybag,middle polybag 2400
LBSY1103SN Syringe, Luer Slip,Non-sterile,3ml,Bulk packed,polybag,middle polybag,No needle Ask for Quotes
LBSY003S Syringe, Luer Slip, Sterile,3ml,Individually packed,polybag,middle polybag 2400
LBSY3 Syringe, 3ml, luer slip, 2-parts Ask for Quotes
LBSY005L Syringe, Luer Lock, Sterile,5ml,Individually packed,polybag,middle polybag 1800
LBSY005S Syringe, Luer Slip,Sterile,5ml,Individually packed,polybag,middle polybag 1800
LBSY005 Syringe, Sterile,5ml,Individually packed,blister,middle box,no rubber 1600
LBSY010L Syringe, Luer Lock, Sterile,10ml,Individually packed,polybag,middle polybag 1000
LBSY010S Syringe, Luer Slip,Sterile,10ml,Individually packed,polybag,middle polybag 1000
LBSY010 Syringe, Sterile,10ml,Individually packed,blister,middle box,no rubber 1200
LBSY10 Syringe, 10ml, luer slip, 2-parts Ask for Quotes
LBSY020L Syringe, Luer Lock, Sterile,20ml,Individually packed,polybag,middle polybag 800
LBSY020S Syringe, Luer Slip,Sterile,20ml,Individually packed,polybag,middle polybag 800
LBSY20 Syringe, 20ml, luer slip, 2-parts Ask for Quotes
LBSY030S Syringe, Luer Slip, Sterile,30ml,Individually packed,polybag,middle polybag 600
LBSY050L Syringe, Luer Lock, Sterile,50ml,Individually packed,polybag,middle polybag 300
LBSY050S Syringe, Luer Slip, Sterile,50ml,Individually packed,polybag,middle polybag 300

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