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MS® RPS Melt Blown & Granular Activated Carbon Double Levels Filter



MS RPS melt-blown & granular activated carbon double levels filter is an innovative water purifier filter. It has the features both of melt-blown filter and activated carbon filter. On one filter can be implemented on removing impurity, adsorption and eliminating peculiar smell. 
For double levels filter, the first level is melt-blown cartridge which use nontoxic and tasteless polypropylene as raw material with gradient aperture technology make the fiber in the process of thermal bonding form a three-dimensional micro pore structure. So that it applies to feed water pretreatment, good at removing suspended solids, colloid, impurities and etc. 
The second level is granular activated carbon, which has high adsorption ability for organic matter, bacteria and heavy metal; it can remove the pesticide and residual chlorine in the water.


  • Small size, one filter, two kinds of effects
  • High cleanliness, no water pollution
  • High dirt holding capacity, long service life and low cost
  • No carbon powder migration
  • Removing the pesticide and residual chlorine in the water


  • Household water purifier
  • Drinking water filtration
  • Commercial direct water dispenser
  • Water purification system


Items Melt-blown Granular activated carbon
Filter Medium Polypropylene Coconut Shell Activated Carbon/ Coal Activated Carbon
Outer cage Medium / Polypropylene
End caps / Polypropylene
Seal Material / Silicone/NBR/EPDM
Residual Chlorine Removal Rate / >96%
Iodine Adsorption Rate / >950mg/g
Methylene Blue Adsorption Rate / >120 mg/g
Items Melt Blown & Granular Activated Carbon Double Levels Filter
Outside Diameter 70mm
Length 10inch
Removal Ratings 1μm, 5μm, 10μm
Maximum Differential Pressure 4.0Bar
Maximum Operation Temperature 45℃
Maximum Flow Rate 6~8T/h

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