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MS® Drinking Water Systems​

Membrane Solutions is a leading manufacturer and exporter of residential and commercial reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration drinking water systems, membranes and many other water treatment products. With our large markets already in businesses worldwide, MS unique design features make Water Purifier Systems installation easier and operation more reliable.

We provide you not only basic types of kitchen RO/UF drinking systems, grand serial of box-type RO/ UF drinking systems, but also Smart WIFI RO Drinking Systems, as well as water pitchers and tap water purifiers depending on local water quality or your different choice.

The water purifier systems reduce dirt, rust, fine particulates commonly found in tap water, chlorine taste and odor, help prevent lime and scale build-up in water appliances, and provide purified and healthy drinking water for thousands of families.




  • We Are Membrane, Filters, Purification Systems Manufacturer
  • Provide Customized RO Membrane and UF membrane Based on Local Water Quality
  • Self -Design for Layout of Drinking Water Systems
  • Wide Selection of Colors, Sizes, and Different Types of Drinking Water Systems
  • Optional Choice of Separated Filter, Quick-Connect Filter and Bayonet Filter
  • More Purer, More Safe, and More Healthier for Your Needs
  • Best Price, Energy Saver, Best Service 


  • Potable water
  • Tea making
  • Make drinks and coffee
  • Cooking 
  • Ice making
  • Wash fruit and vegetables
  • Wash face for skin protection

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