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Ultra-clean and high purity reagents used in the microelectronics industry are commonly known as process chemicals internationally, and are called wet chemicals in the United States, Europe and Taiwan, China. They are one of the indispensable chemical materials in the process of  micro-fabrication of electronic technology and are used for chip cleaning and etching. Their cleanliness and purity have a significant impact on the yield, electrical performance and reliability of integrated circuits, mainly controlling the content of particles and ions in the reagents. Membrane Solutions uses advanced equipment and technology to strictly control the cleanliness of the filtration products, and produces products with low precipitation and low metal ions, which provides help for the stable, safe and reliable production of semiconductor industry.


Process Technology Membrane Solutions Recommended Filter Cartridge Series
Special Chemicals Filtration FluorPure-EV Hydrophobic All Fluorine Filter Cartridge with PVDF Cage(FEV Series) Hydrophobic All Fluorine Filter Cartridge with PVDF Cage
AfsPure All Fluorine Pleated(ACG Series/AFG Series) PFA All Fluorine Filter Cartridge with Strong Chemical Compatibility
UltiPure Small Blue All Fluorine Filter Cartridge(Ø83 AF Series) All Fluorine Filter Cartridge with High Flow Rate and High Cleanliness
Wet-Fluoride Series All Fluorine Filter Cartridge  All Fluorine Filter Cartridge for SEMI Wet Process
Wet-Fluoride Series All Fluorine Capsule Filter  All Fluorine Capsule Filter for SEMI Wet Process
Wet-Vast Series PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridge with HDPE Cage for SEMI Wet Process
Wet-Mega Series PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridge with PP Cage for SEMI Wet Process

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