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MS® 400G Energy-Saving RO Drinking System



MS® 400G Energy-Saving RO drinking system, having 5 stages precision filtration process, uses advanced reverse osmosis technology without RO pump and pressure barrel, and connects to municipal tap water directly but no energy consumption. It can effectively remove impurities, microbes, bacteria, organics, heavy metals and other harmful substances to provide high purified and healthy drinking water for user. 

MS® 400G Energy-Saving RO Drinking System

Products Features

  • Easy-breaking panel design
  • Separated filters are easy to replace, and lower cost
  • Optional choice of HD, HC, SI, NF and CP types of RO filters
  • Automatic rinse to lengthen filters service life
  • Self-Produced membrane and filter for lower cost
  • Energy and money saving for no pump and no pressure barrel
  • High purified and safety water ensure family’s health

Product Applications

  • Potable water
  • Tea making
  • Make drinks and coffee
  • Cooking 
  • Wash fruit and vegetables
  • Wash face for skin protection

Product Information

Ordering Information

Category Filtration Technical Product Serial  Connector Type Pump Water Productivity RO Type Product Serial 
Residential Water Purifier Reverse Osmosis K=Kitchen Type S=Separated Filter NA 400=400G

HD=High Desalination
HC=High Dirt Holding Capacity
SI=Remove Special Ions
CP=Customized Products

B=Basic Type

Technical Requirement

Power Supply Intelligent Monitoring System Pressure Barrel Size Inlet Water Demand Filtration Stages
NA NA NA Raw Water:Municipal Tap Water 5
TDS:≤500 ppm
Working Pressure:0.2-0.6MPa
Working Temperature:5-40℃

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