Filters Engineering and Manufacturing

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Filters Engineering and Manufacturing Description Introduction

Membrane Solutions LLC is specialized in filters and fluid control device including design, development of new products as well as manufacture of special products for different applications. Membrane Solutions LLC’s ability to work with a broad spectrum of filter media satisfies a wide range of customer requirements for particel control, gas venting and flow rates, as well as heat and chemical resistance. Membrane Solutions LLC are capable of incorporating membrane media from several top membrane manufactures to offer the best product for your unique application. With our focus on efficient production and continuous improvement of manufacturing processes, Membrane Solutions LLC provides cost effective, best price, high quality filtration products to hundreds of customers worldwide.

Filter Devices Platforms:

Full line of syringe filters (4mm,13mm, 25mm, 30mm, sterile)
Bag filters and stainless housing
Venting filters
Large –volume process filter
Wounded filters and melt blown filter
Plated filter elements
Swimming pool filters

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