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MS®10" Flat Pressure UF Filter

 Flat Pressure UF Filter


MS® 10" flat hollow fiber UF filter is made of high quality hollow fiber membrane, silk material of which is complied with food grade safe. It has the features of high packing density, flow good chemical stability, acid and alkali -resistant bacteria, high filtration precision with 0.01 microns to ensure drinking water safety. The product can realize automatic sewage discharge, safety water quality and ensure a stable water production with comfortable taste, and no odor.




  • High flux, long services life
  • Remove rust, colloid, sediment
  • Retention bacteria 99.999%
  • Water health and safe


Type MS-FRUF-A1008​
Membrane material PES/PVDF PS
Pore size 0.01μm 1.0μm
Membrane area 0.6m2 1.0m2
Flux 200L/H 180L/H
Raw water Municipal water
Working pressure 0.1-0.4MPa
Working temperature 5-40℃
Life time 20 months
Size 10inch

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