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MS Flat Sheet MBR System



The Membrane Bio-reactor (MBR) technology is an advanced membrane filtration system in industrial wastewater treatment, which combined biological treatment with membrane separation technology. The MBR process is designed in a waste water treatment configuration with submerged flat sheet membranes handling the liquid solid separations.

MS flat sheet MBR system, with modified PTFE flat membrane, achieve the unique advantages of high flux, longer service life, high recovery rate. The MBR system can be widely used to treat different waste water to obtain usable water for irrigation, toilets flushing, municipal construction water , environmental water, green water.


  • Municipal waste water
  • Rural domestic waste water
  • Biodegradable organic waste water
  • Animal husbandry and aquaculture waste water
  • Washing waste water
  • Hospital waste water
  • Pharmaceutical, electroplating, steel emulsion, printing

Major Equipment

  • PTFE flat sheet membrane 
  • Process blower 
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Fine bubble diffusers
  • Cleaning System

System Features

  • Flexible system design and complete packaged system
  • Long membrane life and low sludge production 
  • Smaller footprint
  • Remote monitoring option
  • Easy maintenance and module replacement
  • PLC Control System

Typical Model

System Type MBR-S30 MBR-S50 MBR-S100
Flux(m3/d) 30 50 100
Module Type MSMBR090-100 MSMBR090-100 MSMBR090-100
Quantity of Module (set) 1 2 4
Qty of Element(pcs) 100 200 400
Membrane Area(m2 90 180 360
Aerobic Volume(m3/min) >1.2 >2.4 >5
MLSS(mg/L) 8000-14000
Size(L*W*H)/mm 6000*2400*2800 8000*2400*2800 8000*2400*2800
(without clean pool)
Influent COD:200-400mg/L, BOD:100-200mg/L, SS≤200mg/L
Permeate Water Turbidity<1.0NTU, SS<1.0mg/L, TOC<10mg/L


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