Food and Beverage

Whatever your filtration or separations need, you can rely on Membrane Solutions for a proven solution. Although the production of food and beverage is not the largest market of separation, but also is very important part of it. Wherever you are located, Membrane Solutions are able to supply the products and solutions as follow applications:

  • Meat, fish and relevant solid products processing
  • Fruits and vegetables and relevant solid products processing
  • Animals and plants grease processing
  • Dairy products (milk, cheese.ect.) processing
  • Bread, sugar, cocoa and candy production
  • Tea and coffee production
  • Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) production, including vegetable and fruit juice and bottled water




Food and beverage industry (some time with high internal value) involved in a lot of liquid treatment processing, so can use all sorts of separation techniques.
As the population growth and not too developed areas of the improvement of living standards, food and beverage industry from many ways has become a stable development mature industry.
Food and beverage industry of separation equipment used in one of the most important feature is that they want in absolute clean environments. Interface is usually composed of polished stainless steel, the whole equipment to facilitate cleaning, had better use the online cleaning process.
Membrane Solutions are able to call on our food and beverage process specialists to support you. At your disposal is the widest range of filtration and separations technology in the world, providing unique, cost-effective solutions to your processing challenges.

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Cartridge Filter in Juice Application

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