PTFE Flat Sheet Membrane

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MS® PTFE flat sheet membranes offer the best hydrophilic properties. PTFE flat sheet membranes are perfect for Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs) systems treating municipal wastewater, and wastewater from industries such as Power plants, steel mills, petrochemical plants, textile plants, landfill leachate, etc. The PTFE membrane material affords users the best protection for membrane applications with very high or very low temperatures and pH swings from 2 – 12 without negative effects to the membrane performance.








  • PTFE membrane material has unique properties making it hydrophilic, highly resistant to chemicals and temperature all while maintaining the benefit of extended service life
  • The highest permeate (effluent) quality
  • Easy to clean, In-situ cleaning and long intervals between any cleaning cycles
  • Low energy consumption 
  • Fully automatic process control
  • Reduced Sludge production, and reduced cost of sludge treatment and/or disposal
  • Simple process, significantly smaller footprint
  • No Back Pulsing or related piping and equipment required
  • If the membrane is damaged it is easily located, and replaced


  • Municipal wastewater
  • Rural sewage comprehensive treatment
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Electroplating wastewater
  • Steel emulsion
  • Printing
  • Agricultural products processing wastewater

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