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MS® Submerged PVDF Flat Sheet MBR Module


MS submerged PVDF flat sheet membrane module configuration comprises an element block and an aeration block. The element block contains a number of membrane elements stacked at equal intervals, each of which has flat sheet membranes attached on both sides of a supporting panel. Each element is connected via a tube to a permeated water manifold. The aeration block consists of air diffusers used to supply air. 


MS self-research and develop the PVDF flat sheet membrane, manufacture the submerged MBR module, design and assembly the MBR package or MBR system for clients’ any needs.


  • PVDF flat sheet membrane materials have the unique properties of chemical stability & resistance and physical durability
  • Higher permeate water quality than national discharge water standard
  • Excellent membrane fouling resistance  
  • Easy to clean, and longer period between chemical cleaning
  • Lower energy consumption and smaller footprint
  • Lower sludge production and lower the cost of sludge disposal


  • High turbidity water treatment (Industrial water or municipal wastewater)
  • Food & Beverage waste water treatment
  • Landfill Leachate 
  • Pharmaceuticals waste water 
  • Separation of Biochemical Products and Fermentation Products
  • Purification of Condiment & Beverage 

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