G-MP Syringe Filter

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G-MP Syringe Filter G-MP Syringe Filter


MS® G-MP syringe filters are designed specially to filter high particulate solutions. With four layers, the first filter is a composite membrane of 10μm glass fiber and 1.0μm PP, the second prefilter is 0.7μm GF/F membrane media, the last one is filtration media as specified. G-MP special membrane materials can eliminate sample contamination and allows you to filter difficult samples with less hand pressure and fast flow rate. They prevent the build up of back pressure typically caused by the blocking of an unprotected membrane.



  • Increased volume throughput
  • Volume of sample filtered can be three to seven times greater than conventional filters
  • Superior performance
  • Four layers of filtration media reduce blockage and the need to replace the filter in mid-operation
  • Less hand force required
  • The unique pre-filter layer allows high particulate samples to be filtered with less hand force, minimizing operator fatigue


  • Hard-to-filter samples
  • Dissolution testing
  • Content uniformity
  • Environmental samples
  • Composite assays
  • Food analysis
  • Biofuel analysis

Technical Specifications



Filtration Area


Maximum Pressure

87psi (0.06Mpa)

Materials of Construction

Housing: Polypropylene
Filtration Media: As specified


Inlet: Female Luer Lock (FLL)
Outlet: Male  Luer (ML)

Flow Direction

Flow from inlet to outlet (FLL to ML)

Holdup Volume(μl)


Sample Volume(ml)


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