Glass fiber needle-punched filter felt– Filter Bag

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Product Description

The glass fiber needle punched felt is one kind of high temperature resistant filter material with reasonable structure and excellent performance, it could be high temperature resistant, anti-abrasion, stable size, little elongation shrinkage ratio, high intension, also ultimate fiber of felt layer fiber, three-dimensional micro pore structure, high porosity, small filter resistance to gas, it has higher speed and efficiency. Comparing wit-h other high temperature resistant chemical fiber felt, it has the advantage of lower price, higher temperature resistant. Glass fiber needle punched felt are widely used in the field of chemical, steel iron, melting, carbon black, electricity, cement etc and all kinds of filter bag

Glass Fiber Filter Bag


  • High heat resistance
  • High porosity, small filter resistance to gas


  • Steel industry
  • Metallurgy industry
  • Cement industry
  • Coke industry
  • Fireproof materials and other coal powered Fields for dust removal

Technical Parameter

Item MSFB38-1 MSFB60-1
Thickness (mm) 1--2 1.5--2.5
Lengh (mm) 3200 3200
Inner Diameter(mm) 200+3.0 200+3.0
Section Diameter(mm) 2~4 3~5
Weight(g/m2) ≥900 ≥900
Tensile strength(N/5×20cm) Warp 1800,Weft 1400 Warp 1300, Weft 350
Break Intension (N/cm2) 400 350
Air Permeability (1/m2·s) 15~35 15~35

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